Vector Technology Systems (VTS), which does business as Penrose3D is an exciting full-service 3D technology solutions company. Gilbert, AZ is home to our Business Center. We specialize in delivering precision 3D solutions in the form of 3D printing, design, scanning, augmented & virtual reality. We work with clients nationwide representing diverse industries. Commercially, our main focus is manufacturing, aerospace, medical and engineering. Since acquiring the assets and operation of STAX3D, VTS has dramatically expanded the menu of services and products available to our customers. Our vision for the company is quite simple. VTS, doing business as Penrose3D Utilizes emerging technologies to innovate a pathway from your dreams to your reality. The future is here and Penrose3D is poised and positioned as Arizona's industry leader. As the only company of its kind in the state and only one of a handful in the country, we welcome you to the future!